Stone of the Week: Lapis

Lapis stones
Lapis lazuli, more commonly referred to as just 'lapis,' is a dreamy blue stone with gorgeous gold flecks. It was the original source of the pigment ultramarine, which was made by crushing lapis stone. We can't imagine crushing up these beauties, but we are definitely crushin' on their gorgeousness.
Bird of paradise ring, silver and lapis, in Sedona AZ
This beautiful stone has been historically prized by many cultures, and was used heavily in the ornamentation of King Tut's golden sarcophagus. In fact, the Egyptians used lapis in much of their jewelry, including scarabs and headdresses. They saw the gold flecks in lapis as stars in the night, and believed meditating on the stone would invite the supernatural to transform their lives.
We definitely agree that lapis evokes the beauty of the night sky- in fact, it reminds us of Van Gogh's starry night! But whether or not you're into transformative meditation, lapis is still a symbol of royalty and honor.
So customize a piece of our jewelry with lovely lapis, you goddess you!

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