5 Reasons You Should Wear Jewelry Every Day


I get it- you've got a thousand reasons why you don't wear jewelry. Mornings are hectic, and it's hard enough getting dressed, let alone accessorizing! Is it that important to wear earrings anyways? Here are 5 reasons why taking the extra minute or two is totally worth it.

5. "More is more, less is a bore."

Iris Apfel Bangles Navy

The most obvious reason to wear jewelry is that it's the fastest way to up your day-to-day style factor. It's the cherry on top of the sundae, the sprinkles on a cupcake, the finishing touch. Most of the time, "why should I wear jewelry" stops here, but I'm here to tell you that's not all jewelry can do!

Ever heard of Iris Apfel? If so, you know where I'm going with this. If not, I've got a fun project for you when you're done reading! She's the absolute QUEEN of statement jewelry. Her collection of accessories is so big, it's literally being archived. If you ever want to be inspired to be your authentic self, watch the documentary about Iris Apfel on Netflix. She knows howto pull off anything, and she's never afraid to try something new. Jewelry is a way for your personality to shine through when you get dressed every day.

4. It can take your outfit from day to night.

Bird of Paradise necklace geometric white howlite pyramidBird of paradise gold with white howlite

A good piece of jewelry should be able to take on lots of different occasions. Good jewelry isn't cheap, cheap jewelry isn't good... so if you're a mortal with a budget (as opposed to a Kardashian), your jewelry should be able to stretch a little. You may have pieces that are truly special occasion only, but if your main pieces are good quality, they should hold up to plenty of wear and a wide spectrum of casual to dressy. Get you a necklace that does both (and everything in between)!

3. It can change the way you feel.

Fern earrings silver with obsidian pyramid stone

When I started Sycamore & Amaranth, I started keeping a pair of earrings in my bag for "jewelry emergencies." I know that sounds kind of vapid, but it was actually attitude-changing. I carried a pair that I knew would go with everything, and then if I was in a rush, I knew that if all else failed, I had my emergency earrings in my purse. So many mornings on my way to work or a meeting, I took a moment to put in my emergency earrings and fix my hair. Pausing for a minute was huge (more on that later), but feeling "put together" and pretty was a big boost in my day. I felt like I looked polished instead of rushed, collected instead of thrown together. And who doesn't want a little confidence boost?

2. It makes every day a little more fabulous.

Fern necklace gold with white howlite

Are you the kind of person who saves things for a special occasion? What are you waiting for? Make today a special occasion. Wear something sparkly and pretty. I'm giving you permission to dress up a little for no reason. And if you think diamonds are too fancy for a Tuesday afternoon... well, why do we wear diamond wedding rings every day? A lot of jewelry benefits from being worn regularly- it can help metals from tarnishing and keep pearls lustrous. If it makes you feel good, wear it. You may find you get extra compliments, too! I get stopped by people asking about my jewelry more often than any other clothing item.

1. It's the only moment you take for yourself in the morning.

Fern Earrings gold with Howlite

Yes, I count accessorizing as self-care in the morning. It gives me a moment to reflect on how I feel- do I feel like diamonds or pearls or a little edgy with my rutilated quartz Bird of Paradise necklace? Am I excited for the day, or should I wear something that's a good luck charm? You can even use putting on your jewelry as a moment to take a deep breath, clear your mind, and do a mini meditation. Take time to feel the way this picture looks- relaxing, comforting, glamorous. Show yourself a little self-love by slowing down and checking in, just for as long as it takes to put on a little jewelry.

Join me for a 10-day jewelry challenge! Starting this Saturday, September 30th, I'll be posting my jewelry of the day on my Instagram live story! Join in with #10DaysOfJewelry- I'd love to hear your thoughts on wearing jewelry every day! 

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